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Starlink, a satellite broaband internet service provided by Space x, primarily designed to focus on providing high-speed internet access to underserved and remote areas around the world.

However, it naturally became extremely useful to a large portfolio of situations and business applications such as industries, telecom back-up and the event sector.

The Event industry is a fast-moving technology adopter as its players are constantly facing stringent technical setup issues in short period of time and in any type of environments. As the level of digitalization in Events is inevitably high, with various digital usages from ticketing, access control, transactions, security, broadcasting and live streaming, crowd engagement, social media and content generation…the need for internet access is everywhere and the requirements for bandwidth increase is ever growing.

Previous satellite internet access based on K-SAT or V-SAT was previously quite fussy to deploy for a modest result in bandwidth especially on the upload link.

Low Orbit Satellite services such as Starlink totally changed the game. As it is agile to transport and set-up, fast to operate and delivery quite a consistent service to many sites. Which are usually totally excluded from any consistent internet services, including 4 & 5G services as there is low level of population in the areas.

Starlink proposes various level of services, the two main models are residential and enterprises services.

Difference in service :

Bandwidth: downlink speed is slightly higher but the uplink services for the enterprises version makes a difference with a 50 to 80Mbps upload link. The residential various will often be capped at 20-30Mbps

Service level: Business package obviously proposes a dedicated support team with a faster response time for support with GTI guaranteed Time of Intervention, uptime guarantees, and continuity of services.

Higher security level: Enterprises version comes with more advanced security features or integrations to help protect business operations. It also offers Static IP Addresses: that professional applications often require for machine and / or secured communication.

In Event business, the enterprise various will hence be privileged in our services.


Let’s now have a look at various situations where Starlink Enterprise services can positively address needs for the event industry:

Agility and Speed of deployment:

When time is short and only couple of days are available before the kick-off of an event. Then Telecom options for WAN access or Internet Links become very narrow.

A fiber optic link is obviously always preferred for its stability, reliability and performances. Thanks to their low latency, high speed, Public IP etc.. . But, it is not always available at an event location. The venue might restrict its access due to security reasons, or restricted access for bandwidth or VLAN configuration issues. Starlink becomes useful for convenient set-up and with dedicated link for the event application.

When the location allows it, various technical set-up can be implemented:

  • Primary link with Fiber optic with a Starlink back-up on a load balancer
  • Combination of Starlink with a 4 & 5G access in aggregation of load balancing
  • Various Starlink device in load balancing or aggregation mode

StarlinkXPeeble at HighFive Festival

Agility of locations:

Events sometimes bring you in deserts, mountains, or isolated sites where no radio network is available for the organization to download and exchange files, content, ensure live streaming etc..Low orbit Satellite offers this flexibility to be deployed in remote sites where power can at least be found.

Emergency Connectivity:

In case of emergencies during events, having access to a reliable internet connection can be critical for communication and safety measures. It is convenient to managed VoIP for security & safety teams.



Roadshows in event are pretty common. It could be for product launch, market campaign, team training, concerts etc.. Production trucks can be equipped with Starlink and 4/5G connectivity set-up. It will enable a permanent service all along the way.


Distributed architecture:

Some outdoor event sites, whether exhibitions, forums, festivals involve multiple sub-sites or villages withing a very large event compound. The sub-sites may have no interconnection between them and distributed network architecture can be set up using a dedicated internet sources on their own with starlink amongst other technologies.


An online Starlink device

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